It’s been a busy week at the agency, with all sorts of deadlines getting shifted, projects redefined, and changes made that affect all the deliverables I’ve written in the last two weeks that should be in final layout but instead get to be tracked down and reconciled. (And I just used “deliverable” in a sentence. It’s getting to me!)

But something always makes me feel better, and that something is angry blogs written by creatives. (And now I just used “creatives”. Help me.) My new favorite is Why Advertising Sucks, but click through at your own risk–it’s pretty profane and misspelled, which I blame on the force of the writer’s anger. There was a fantastic post from a while back titled, “5 Things You Should Never Ask a Creative.” I liked #4 a lot:

#4. Are you sure that word is right?
No. I took 4-6 years of college, have worked in advertising for a couple of years and actually passed the ninth grade but I’m not sure if that word is right. If by “right” you want to see if I’ll offer you synonyms for a word that has nothing wrong with it, then I can offer you one option, let me do my job while you [redacted] your [redacted] rather than a thesaurus.

Not that I’ve ever felt that way or anything.