Last night I made a freeform peach tart thing, since it was cool enough to bake; we went from a high of 101 on Saturday to a high of about 76 yesterday.

I’ve always noticed a change in the light here come August. It makes you realize summer is over–when the heat breaks, too, like it did this week, it really drives it home.

So imagine how surprised I was to find out yesterday was the ancient Druidic holiday of Lughnasa. Not being a Druid myself, this was news to me: “Lughnasa marked the midpoint between Beltane in May and Samhain in November, and symbolized a turning point in the lifecycle of Mother Earth. It was both a joyous celebration of plenty and a solemn wake for the decline of the potency of the sun god Lugh, from which the festival takes its name.”

See? Someone else noticed the beginning-of-the-end phenomenon in August. Those Druids.