I posted this a couple years ago but it feels the best and the most Doc, out of the years of blog archives and Valentine posts. “Solid as granite” is a wonderful thing to have; thank you, honey.


My sweetness, my desire
by Marge Piercy

Pumpkin I call you, sweet
and spicy pie. Mango
juicy. Scotch bonnet hot.
Dark chocolate. Espresso.
Fresh squeezed orange
juice thick with pulp.

You come through for
me time after time and
again. Reliable as Old
Faithful. Solid as granite.
You always give me
the gift of laughter.

Whatever I love you try
to love. What threatens me
you stand on guard. We
talk and we talk but it
never wears out. Together
we lay out a feast of love.


From Made in Detroit: Poems, 2015