There’s a cute kitten picture for Monday.

Here’s all the M.F.K. Fisher I promised last week:

Talking about polenta:
“…its fundamental simplicity survives, to comfort our souls as well as our bellies, the way a good solid fugue does, or a warm morning in spring.”

Talking about a recipe for roast beef with prunes:
“This roast, served on a generous platter and carved at the table into thick slices, with ample sauce and a bowl of buttered noodle and a crisp bowl of salad greens, with good bread and wine, and cheese to follow, makes a delicious dinner to come upon, It is pungent and hearty, and the world seems more real.”

And, rather than try to cook scrambled eggs in cream too quickly:
“I would rather have my scrambled eggs turn into hard, fanged snakes and writhe away.”

Who wouldn’t, really?