All of this paper shopping and book binding and box making has thrown me back to when I put wax seals on letters and used fountain pens every day. Working in the stationery store, I accumulated a lot of fountain pens with my employee discount. Why, I wondered, did I have a thousand dollars in fountain pens (in 2006 money; I looked up Mont Blanc’s current prices this morning and fainted) just sitting around in a desk drawer?

Clearly, they needed a special box.

I figured out the size by putting the pens and cartridges on a piece of paper and eyeballing how much room around them I’d need, then used that base to get all the other measurements. This ended up about 10 inches x 4 inches and 1.5 inches high; maybe a little big but now I can put MORE pens in there. (Just kidding, I can’t afford pens now.)

I’m pretty pleased with how I’m figuring out what pieces need to line up. This is my best “box meets spine” alignment yet!