And finally, here’s this year’s final goal, which I marked as “optional.” It’s not a technical success but I made progress, I think.

+1. Go on a date.
Friends and blog readers tried to help me with this one: A friend tried to facilitate an introduction with her father’s coworker; I asked an acquaintance to find out a client’s relationship status (’cause I’m professional like that); and I met a friend of another friend with a group of people in a bar as a potential set-up.

But there was no real one-on-one “getting to know you” date–although, for that matter, there wasn’t anyone I wanted to get to know better in the first place. (Other than the client. But he was in a relationship. Again, I am so professional.)

In November, in an effort to find someone I’d like to get to know, I created a profile on OK Cupid and answered lots of their questions. I liked the fact that they used math and data to determine matches (better living through science!). But such questions as “Do you see yourself getting married in the next three years?” and “How long do you want your next relationship to last?” made me realize I had no idea what I want.

So my inner hippie recited some Rilke and I decided I owed it to myself to figure out what I wanted first. I do think I’ll give the internet one more shot in 2012, but I’m in no rush. I’m good at being alone: I bought a house by myself; I climb mountains by myself.

Besides, I have Toby.