1. A new-to-me blog, The Craft Sessions, had some thoughts on crafting in the Age of Distraction: Why Making Matters More Than Ever.

The world, our lives, are increasingly passive and increasingly distracted. While humans have always shaped their worlds to suit them and their particular tastes, we are increasingly having our taste chosen for us.

[…] Making litters our lives with intention and agency. It reminds us through it’s [sic] process that we can alter our environment to suit ourselves. That we have choice and agency in our lives. We made that thing!!! Look at what we did…… And then long after the active part of the making is over, the things we have made surround us with reminders of who we are. We are makers. We are creators. We are active agents in our own lives.

2. I follow the Signal vs. Noise blog because I like their approach to business, and this was an interesting take on “not squeezing the last drop” out of business: Exiting the Dark Ages of Capitalism.