1. I joke that my fashion sense is getting more and more Stevie Nicks, but I’ve never really had anything more than a superficial knowledge of her work. She has a new album out (and I guess Fleetwood Mac is touring again) so there are lots of interviews that are teaching me more about her. This one from Rolling Stone and explains the scarves:

The reason I wear the ponchos and the big shawl-y chiffon things is because I realized from a very young age, if you were 5 foot 1, and you wanted to make big moves and be seen from a long way away, if you weren’t twirling a baton of fire, you needed something that was gonna make you show up.

2. And this is a good list of albums to work or study to. I didn’t know 50% of them but it reminded me of Kind of Blue and got me listening to Philip Glass again.