Behaviour: This juvenile fox is smelling something and he seems to abide in the moment so completely, in a way only youngsters can. Background story: I’m always on the look for animals at ease. In my ideal world, animals would have no reason to fear humans and they would live in full harmony with human beings, sharing a planet without conflicts. I realize this is an utopia, but certainly something to aspire to. Finding a fox that’s just being completely comfortable, not disturbed by me or any other human being. That’s when Utopia comes alive, if only for a few perfect seconds. Exact location: Bentveld, North Holland Country: The Netherlands Bait used: No IUCN Status: Least Concern Technical information: No specialist equipment and for other data: see EXIF Post processing: No special post processing

For Wednesday, here’s an interview with photographer Roeselien Raimond that shows recent work from her series Zen Foxes, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

The photos are charming but I also endorse Raimond’s reason for her fox portraits:

For me animals are not necessarily less than human beings, they’re just different and not even that different. I’d like people to see that animals are beings with individual characters, a personality, with their own specific desires, fears, oddities, pros and cons, just like we have. And if my photos can make one person realize that an animal is not a coat to wear, not an object to lock up in a cage, nor something you thoughtlessly cut in slices to eat…that mission would be accomplished.