I have this poster (from the OG hippies Bread & Puppet Theater in Vermont) ready to frame and hang up for my reminder for 2017 that things don’t have to stay the same. I can change. I can fight.

I want to re-examine a lot of whatI’ve just accepted as How Things Are, like “You have to go to an office to work” or “I don’t have a lot of muscles” or “There will be time for that later”.  And RESISTANCE is a good motto as we face the next four years: let’s not get used to what we’ve elected.

From the post of a blog I follow that clued me in to the existence of this poster:

My friend sent me a small poster that says, “RESISTANCE of the heart against business as usual.”  I look at it constantly as I work and am becoming my own little rebel unto myself, making the changes that need making, destroying old habits, learning new rhythms, and being ok.  Just being ok.

So here’s to making the changes that need making, whether that’s pursuing a dream now or speaking out when you hear someone spewing hate.

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