This is the video I watched a few weeks ago that scared me into being more vocal about politics:

I’m not saying Drumpf is promoting an actual Nazi agenda in this election. But just try switching the proper names in parts of the video voiceover and see what happens:

“It can not be stressed enough that these conspiracy theories were born out of fear, anger, and bigotry–not fact. Nonetheless, Hitler found success with them. When he joined a small, nationalist, political party, his manipulative public speaking launched him into its leadership and grew increasingly larger crowds.

[…] “Hitler took advantage of the people’s anger, offering them convenient scapegoats and a promise to restore Germany’s former greatness.”
Think the video voiceover was written with a hidden agenda by liberals? Ok, try the very first mention of Hitler in the New York Times, from 1922 (archive view here, text here). Again, just try switching the names:

“Hitler’s program is of less interest than his person and movement. His program consists chiefly of half a dozen negative ideas clothed in generalities. He is ‘against the Jews, Communists, Bolshevism, Marxian Socialism, Separatists, the high cost of living, existing conditions, the weak Berlin Government and the Versailles Treaty.’ Positively he stands only for ‘a strong united Germany under a strong Government.’

He is credibly credited with being actuated by lofty, unselfish patriotism. He probably does not know himself just what he wants to accomplish. The keynote of his propaganda in speaking and writing is violent anti-Semitism.”

Does Drumpf have a literal Nazi agenda for America? No. Is he a man promoting extreme ideas based on hate, who has inexplicably risen to power? Yes. Has this happened before? YES. And we saw what happened last time. Let’s keep it from happening again.

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