I’ve been a fan of Martha Stewart since she had her TV show in the mid-90s, which I’d watch every morning on summer vacation from school. I’ve subscribed to (and kept–the back issues  survived Kon Mari) her magazine since 2003. Because of Martha I own a punch bowl, know how to wash cashmere, and can fold a fitted sheet.

When I mention I’m a fan, most people respond with, “She went to jail,” like it might be news to me or make me recycle those magazine back issues. However, I’m at the level of “irrational brand loyalty” where that doesn’t even matter. I usually respond to those people with something along the lines of, “She’s a self made woman and built an empire based on good taste, and I really respect that,” but I wasn’t able to articulate what I really loved about her until I saw something in her latest book.

That book, Martha’s Entertaining, is pretty ridiculous (and awesome). I imagine that she told her team, “F**k it, I’m tired of trying to be relatable. Let’s do a book that shows how rich I really am.” It’s beautifully shot, of course, and shows how she entertains in her many homes. For the Christmas spread, the chapter started with this photo:



The caption starting with “Opposite” (click to enlarge) is the key, though:

She made the nativity set in the first photo while in jail. And she made it to match her collection of china and she now displays it in her home.  At first, it seems like just another ridiculous thing for Martha to do–but it made me realize what I love about her brand:

No matter how or where you live, no matter how much money you have, you can be creative and find something to do to make your home look nicer and make your life more gracious.

And that’s why I love Martha Stewart.