Camping! Doc and I headed up to the Uinta mountains Thursday night after work to try to catch some of the Perseid meteor shower–and to take my nephew camping for the first time.

We saw some meteors (no pics) and we also saw a tasty view from the camp breakfast table the next morning:

And some lakes with waterlilies and good clouds:

The pictures get a little scarce after my brother’s family showed up Friday afternoon (and if I thought I was “adulting” poorly, I feel much better about my skills after keeping a 4.5 year old safe in a riverfront campsite…) but this one about sums it up:

Family tents:

My brother’s favorite part of camping–fire:

And using group persuasion to convince my nephew to brush his teeth (it takes a village): IMG_1359

Whew! Kids are tiring (newsflash) but I’m glad I got to be there for Skyler’s first camping trip.  Thanks to Doc for going along with my plan and helping to wrangle him–he had a great time.