So I was in Las Vegas most of last week (which you may not have realized due to the magic of scheduled posts) but it just wasn’t how I thought it would be: I’ve been twice in the last ten years and I guess enough time lapses between trips that I think it’s a glamorous, exciting place complete with Elvis and Danny Ocean, when in reality it’s a glorified miniature golf course.

There wasn’t a lot of sunshine, I don’t gamble, vast seas of humanity are not my idea of a good time, I missed Toby…I could go on and on (and on. Ask me about the cleanliness of the rooms in the Monte Carlo sometime.). But instead, I will choose to look at it as my oldest friend suggested: I got out of my comfort zone and pushed my limits, so really it was a trip of growth and self-discovery.

And I will remember this discovery when Vegas starts sounding exciting again in about five years.