I think I’ve started a tradition of doing physical activity that’s slightly beyond my capabilities, preparedness, or both on Labor Day–last year I made Mr. Isbell hike to the tram at Snowbird and this year we went on an Epic Ride from my house to…well, not my parents house.

We were going to ride on the Jordan River Parkway down to 7200 South and make our way west. It was a long ride for us (not for some paternal people who ride 100 miles on their 61st birthday, of course) but we thought it would be easy and pleasant. And it was, until I noticed Mr. Isbell’s back tire going flat around 4800 South. And realized neither of us had a patch kit.

So we call our “support team” (cough, thanks Dad, cough!) and have the “team van” come meet us at 5400 South, where Mr. Isbell’s tire is repaired so we can continue our ride. However, while waiting for the repair I discover the only thing that was keeping both my front and back tire up…were the thorns I’d just pulled out of them.

The team van ended up taking us to my parents’ house, where it was discovered that my front tire had three punctures and my back tire had four. (Again, thanks Dad!) So much for an Epic Ride–but it looks like I have a new tradition.