Obviously, I’ve been too busy moving to really make anything. But I only have two boxes left ot unpack, so I think I can count this as a project. Want to see how my stuff looks in the new house? (Answer: “sparse.” But it works for now.)

I call this “View Over the Kitchen Counter with Toby Head.”

Just behind that shot is the kitchen. Are you blinded by the glory of this fridge? Oh wait, that might just be the florescent lights. But the fridge IS pretty glorious.

I’m not taking a picture of the empty dining area, so that’s pretty much the main floor. If you go up the stairs, there’s the guest bath at the top of them:
Check out that mirror my dad hung so well. Fabric for the shower curtain is there on the counter.

Turn left from the guest bath and you get to the master bedroom. I’m only showing one end of it because the other end just has a lonely dresser. I need to get some more furniture in there because there’s enough room for a seating area, too. This is the less-lonely end with the bed (and Toby’s bed):
And I have a master bath–I have to share it with Toby, though:

And look at this medicine cabinet that my dad hung! It’s mirrored inside. It, too, is glorious.

Turn right from the top of the stairs and you get to the two other bedrooms. I’m using one as an office:
I’ve discovered it’s the wi-fi “hotspot” in the house.

And the other bedroom is the craft room! The red table needs to become a long white table and I need to make a new ironing board cover in this fabric. I also need to assemble the rolling chair in that box. And you can see I’m trying out fabric for the valance.

Whew! Lots of pictures. Lots of stuff that got moved in. And yet, even more stuff still to buy. But that’s being a homeowner, right?