“It is a cold and snowy January. The holidays are behind us, and Twelfth Night will be any day now: what better time to embark on a long and lovely project? I have masses of thick unbleached natural cream wool, which with luck should work up into a really solid-looking Aran.
That is a quote from the Knitter’s Almanac, a sort of pattern “guidebook” by famous knitter Elizabeth Zimmerman, and the source of my next project. This project terrifies me a little: I have guidelines on creating a sweater pattern just for me but no actual pattern, there are complicated stitches, and it involves knitting a tube and then cutting it to make it a cardigan.

Because there’s a lot of “knitter’s choice” in the pattern, it’s hard to find a picture of what it looks like. It’s the sweater at 2 o’clock on the cover of the book above, and here’s the original pullover knit by EZ. Here are a couple other cardigan options with different cable patterns than specified in the book.

I’m not usually one for crafty challenges, but I’ve been thinking about this sweater all year (it was on the 29 Things) and I really want to wear it once it’s done. We’ll see if that’s enough motivation, because it certainly will be a long project–hopefully a lovely one.