I got the pair of short socks off the needles (they still need a pompom, though) and only have the heels to do on the last two pairs from this year. So that meant getting started on MOAR SOCKS! Especially since the mornings and evenings are cool enough now to need them.

The darker yarn is part of a Webs order from earlier this year (Lang Super Soxx Cities “Bern”) but the lighter pair I picked up from Harmony on a summer trip. (It’s Cascade Heritage Prints, “Southwest”).

(Where is all the sewing content? I’ve been struggling with that pack. I got it sewn up ok but the way it holds the weight is all wrong, and I honestly don’t think I want to put more time into it. It’s definitely sucked up all my sewjo, though. So knitting and bookbinding it is for now.)