As you may recall, last summer my dad built me an awesome deck and pergola on the back of the house, and I enjoyed the hell out of it all summer long: 07fcf1709079befa9b072a48cf6c83ab

However,  I’m in a new “twin home” development where I’m pretty close to the neighbors (on all sides). A fence isn’t in the cards this year, but I think putting outdoor curtains on the pergola might do the trick. Like so:



I can pretend I’m in a cabana in the afternoon! I can wear a caftan, put on some Turkish music, and rock the casbah at night! I could even close them and take a nap out there. I think it’s going to be great.

And it turns out that Pinterest has some really great ideas about using canvas drop cloths for curtains (cheap, sturdy, and already hemmed) and electrical pipe for curtain rods (cheap and weather resistant).  My dad has already engineered everything for me, so I’m just waiting on steady weather to re-stain things and get going.

Is it summer yet?