If the shift in the light and the rainy weather we’re getting weren’t enough to remind me fall is coming, I’m feeling a renewed desire to knit things–the final sign that yeah, maybe I won’t be able to hang on to maxi dresses and sandals all year and had better get something warmer going.

The first thing I want to make? A new hat for hiking in cool weather, inspired by (copied from) the author of the blog The Noisy Plume.


Are you reading this blog? It is beautiful. Written by a jewelry designer/photographer/backpacker/yogi/all around luminous person, her blog is how I want my life to be. That picture above? It’s not a catalog; it’s her weekday!

But until I can move to Idaho or Montana and hike around with my dog and make beautiful things in my studio, I’ll have to copy her hat shown here. I think this pattern (with  a pom pom) will be pretty close.


(Image taken by Jillian from The Noisy Plume, pulled from this post, with thanks for the inspiration.)