As you might guess from the title of this, Sunday was a pretty bad day. But everything ended happily so really, it was a great day.

Saturday night I went to bed with Toby sleeping on the in-progress quilt, so when I woke up once in the night and he wasn’t on the bed I thought, “Oh, he’s on the quilt.” I woke up again at 4:30 and he still wasn’t on the bed and I thought, “Where the hell is he? I’d better so check.” So I get up and he’s not on the quilt and he’s not anywhere and I’m already getting a sinking feeling and yes: He pushed out a corner of the screen in the front window and was gone.

Well, about four hours of panic ensued–panic and lots of walking and hollering. We made a two-block radius around the apartment, I went down into Memory Grove, I made fliers and started posting them, I put up an ad on Craigslist and, and did I mention the panic part?

I called my mom again after the flier posting and she said, “Put out some food and be sure to check really carefully in all the corners of the yard.” So I started investigating the potting shed in the back parking lot here and wedged between the back of the shed and a tree trunk was a very, very scared Toby. (Isn’t the wisdom of moms fantastic? How do they learn these things?) He was too scared to even meow at me, which is why we missed him in the frantic search (and it was dark), but I scooped him up and carried him back inside.

Then, of course, all he wanted to do was pace the windows (now shut) and go out again. Um, kitty? You didn’t seem to be enjoying yourself. There’s no food out there. Let’s stay inside, OK?

Anyway. That was Sunday, but all is well now. I’d like a weekend to recover from the weekend, please.