1. I’m taking tomorrow off and I think we all have Monday off, so let’s call this and start hibernating.

2. After linking to her essay yesterday, I found out that Jeanette Winterson has a new collection of Christmas stories out, with fiction and musings and recipes. I can’t read nicely designed books on a Kindle (app) because I just wonder how the “real” book looks, but if you can, it might make for a nice weekend read.

3. Other things to read: “The Tailor of Gloucester,” “Christmas for Mystics,” or the Christmas chapter in The Wind in the Willows where the field mice sing this carol:

    And then they heard the angels tell
          ‘Who were the first to cry NOWELL?
          Animals all, as it befell,
           In the stable where they did dwell!
            Joy shall be theirs in the morning!’