Before I thought of the 29 Things, I had already planned to take some sort of Continuing Ed class with Mr. Isbell in 2009, just to get us off the couch and away from re-watching old seasons of The Office. Once I realized I’d like to know how to dance going into the next decade, we signed up to learn “East Coast Swing.” Our first class was last night.

We picked swing because it was a more convenient night than the general ballroom dance class, and because I thought the music would be better–you’d expect big band swing standards from Duke Ellington, Glen Miller, and Tommy Dorsey in a swing class, right? Well, that wasn’t the case. Although we’re not really dancing yet, either, just going through the steps, so I guess we wouldn’t have done good music justice anyway.

Despite my disappointment in the music (Bad 90’s swing revival stuff? Really?), it was fun, and when I got home I learned a lot about the history of swing. And now I want some saddle shoes:

This will so be us in a month.