I have made some serious purchases for the house lately. I know refrigerators and washers and dryers are serious, but these latest purchases feel more weighty, if only because they’re essentially frivolous. (Bear with me here.)

Remember how I wanted to copy a painting instead of buying real art? Well, the artist has been doing a lot of smaller work lately and I just went for it. Meet “Amber”:

The long view:

I love “Amber.” I think she needs a frame, but she is gorgeous.

And remember when I wanted to buy a love seat for my old apartment–because a real couch wouldn’t fit–and
I found one at Target.com? (That was so long ago that the images got lost when I moved to the new Blogger.) I remember back in 2007 that I worked two jobs to get the $400 to get that foam masterpiece.

Well, things have changed a little, because Monday I ordered this baby:

Made in Virginia to my own specifications, with my own upholstery choice (orange, of course), in six to eight weeks? I kind of can’t believe it. Because I remember working two jobs to get $400. Yes, I was in debt then, but not only am I out of debt now, I bought a house; and lately I just plop down money for non-essentials like real art and real furniture without batting an eye.

Tax returns help with the plopping down of money, of course, but regardless–it just sunk in that I’m not a struggling 20-something anymore. The unbearable adultness, indeed.