Not to give you another emo post today (sorry about that), but I’m going to share another coping strategy I’ve discovered this summer: Exercise. (I know–who am I?)

I’ve always been pretty sedentary, beyond an occasional hike or an easy bike ride, but as I said Monday I’ve been exploring Millcreek nearly every weekend–and that’s in addition to going to yoga once a week. I’ve bought actual active wear. I’m attending a “yoga retreat” at the Cliff Lodge this weekend. I replaced my old hiking boots. Last Sunday I even woke up and did an hour of yoga with an online video. (Needless to say, my inner hippy has never been happier.)

But as active and outdoorsy as all this hiking and yoga is for me, I still am nowhere near the trail runners I see, or even the backpackers, which is why this song made me smile.

(And yes, I heard it on KRCL while driving home from yoga this week.)