Monday I had the MS Society truck come and pick up the last handful of items that got Kon Mari-ed, which means I’m done with most of it (there’s still two boxes of old letters and papers in the closet I need to deal with, but those won’t get donated).

I have had a couple moments where I thought, “I wish I still had that,” but it’s only been with clothes–and then I remember that said clothes were too small/ill-fitting and didn’t get worn anyway. Thinking hard about “will this bring me joy?” has really helped me not buy impulse sale items, and my drawers are still all sorted like filing cabinets. I think it was pretty clear I was an initial convert, but nine months later I’m still a believer.

And now that I’ve done the bulk of “uncluttering,” I think this quote from the book really resonates:

“Previously, I had no confidence. I kept thinking that I needed to change, that I should be different, but now I can believe that I am okay just the way I am. By gaining a clear standard by which I can judge things, I gained a great deal of confidence in myself.”