Ever since I packed up all the handmade sweaters I’ve knitted over the years and put them into permanent storage this spring, I’ve been trying to stick to small knitted items. They sweaters I’ve made have all had a weird fit, or a weird style, or are too small or too itchy now.  The thinking part of my brain knows that if I knit a poncho, it will probably fall into the “weird fit/weird style” category and also won’t get worn. But does that stop me from thinking I need to make one? Of course not.

IMG_1651_medium2Gale pattern

9277981102_334cefb24b_zCreature Comforts Cardi pattern

blish_lg_medium2Blish pattern

I’d blame my inner hippie for this poncho fever, but I’ve been listening to lots of Fleetwood Mac lately–I think my inner Stevie Nicks is responsible for this one. Just add about twelve scarves and some fringe.