It’s been max week at the gym this week. On Monday, I didn’t try for a squat max since we were focused on front squats and front squats can go straight to hell (still figuring out what to do with my long arms there). On Tuesday, I tried for a bench max but ended up missing my old max by two pounds, since my elbow decided to start hurting. But TODAY, it was deadlift max and I got a new one–210 pounds!

Lifting has been such an exercise in patience for me. After the first few months of beginner gains, my progress slowed (as it does) and it was really hard for me to accept that I might be at my current bench max for years (I have been!), that it might take me another three years to actually do a pullup, that my age is also kind of fighting me even as I get more gains.

But deadlifts are “my” lift, the one where long-limbed people actually have an advantage (unlike squat and bench) and I’ve been working hard on my form. So I’m really proud of this! I left the gym this morning feeling the most accomplished I have in…6 months? Longer?

I’m so glad I picked up this hobby. I love being strong but I love being a beginner at something just as much.