or, “Messing About In Boats/Stand-Up Paddleboards”:

I’ve decided it’s “fake summer vacation week” for me, by which I mean I took Monday and Friday off and we’re doing things with our nephew. (Matt has the whole week off; we were going to go on an actual summer vacation but that was before Toby needed insulin every 12 hours.)

Yesterday’s vacation adventure included a rented inflatable stand-up paddleboard and a trip to Lily Lake in the Uintas. I’ve wanted to go see the lilies at close range for about forever, and this time we DID–along with big fish, schools of tiny fish, and a bald eagle looking for fish (!). The SUP was a lot of fun to try out and Skyler was a natural at it–highly recommend it as a water craft in which to mess about.

Now I just have to get through three days of work until Friday’s adventure: The amusement park!