Speaking of badass old people, I found Joan MacDonald on Instagram (via Swole Woman) who started weight training with her daughter at age 71 and now can do things I can’t (like pull ups):


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Sure the physical transformation is amazing (let’s hear it for squat butt! yay Joan!) but her captions are really great, too. From this post:

Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t do something. Lots of people my age have gotten to a point where they are so afraid of failing at something that they don’t allow themselves to try something new. I had that mindset too and it didn’t serve me. Making myself learn new things, new apps, learning how to use an I-phone, learning Spanish, learning how to meditate, learning how to exercise properly, heck all of the things I have been trying to learn to do these past two years have made me a better version of who I am today.