If you’ve followed my lists for the last two years, you know that I can’t even make it to Moab, four hours away–so going to my dream vacation spot, Palm Springs (which is much warmer than Moab in the winter), is really not going to happen.

Last fall I saw that fabric designer Heather Ross was hosting a
weekend sewing workshop in Palm Springs January 21-23. “Hotel and meals and sewing machine all provided for $700?” I thought. “One of my favorite sewing bloggers teaching classes? I should do that!”

But then I saw that hotel rooms were based on double occupancy, and I got shy, and thought I should save money for the house, and I talked myself out of it. Little did I know that Palm Springs would sound REALLY NICE in our second week of sub-freezing highs. Oh, well. If it happens next year, maybe I can remember this post.