I have a dress finished and ready to show you, but what started as feeling “off” Sunday night turned into full-on fever, chills, and aches by yesterday afternoon. (This morning the chills and fever have stopped, but I’m still taking it easy. Yay for the labor movement getting us sick days!)

Because I can’t get sick without being literary about it, this passage from Little House on the Prairie (where the whole family comes down with malaria) popped into my mind last night:

Laura said she didn’t feel like playing. She was tired and she ached. …Suddenly Laura shivered all over. She shivered so that her teeth rattled in her mouth.
Ma put her hand against Laura’s cheek. “You can’t be cold,” she said. “Your face is as hot as fire.”
Laura felt like crying, but of course she didn’t. Only little babies cried. “I’m hot now. And my back aches.”