Part of what makes winter so hard for me is getting up in the dark. Last year I discovered that there is such a thing as a “dawn simulating alarm clock” that gradually gets lighter and lighter to wake you up to an already-lit room. 

I didn’t buy it last year because it was a little expensive and apparently I hated myself and wanted to be sad for another season. But not this year! Meet my new best friend:

I’ve only had this since Monday but I already love it. (Toby, however, has still not figured out how I am turning on the light while still in bed–I need to explain timers and sleep science to him.) This is totally me in the mornings now:

If you buy it, your bedroom will glow with the light of the sun and you’ll wake up with perfect hair and makeup, too

I got mine at a little bit of a discount on Amazon. Check it out right here.