Sunday was the seventh anniversary of meeting Doc at a taco restaurant and having him make a joke about the special…and reader, I FORGOT about it. He, of course, had a box of candy and a Joann gift card waiting for me, and I had nothing. I am a worm. A lucky worm.

I think it’s healthy to realize that just one person can’t be someone’s everything, but he’s as much as one person can possibly be: an extremely handsome man who wears clothes so well, the wittiest guy who can break out an Airplane quote at the perfect moment, a friend who wants to know all about my day, and a rock that I’ve learned it’s OK to need,

Everything I’ve learned about healthy relationships, fairness, and openness I’ve learned from him, and I feel like the luckiest of worms that I get to spend my days with him. I’ll take you out for our eighth, honey. I love you.