Some things I’ve been doing, reading, and being worried by (well, more than the usual for 2017)

I’ve talked about 5 Calls before but have also been using and enjoying Resistbot, which lets you text or Facebook message a fax or letter to your officials. (Great when your office is too noisy for a call or it’s late at night.) The more you use Resistbot, the more “features” you unlock–gamification of resistance!

What The F*ck Just Happened Today is where I go for a quick roundup of national news. Somehow having it summarized with no pictures makes it a lot easier to ingest.

The Cut has a long piece about Hillary after the election. It’s frustrating for a lot of reasons but I love me an interview with Hillary.

Clinton asked if the group had heard that searches for the word misogyny rose by 10,000 percent after Amanpour used the word. Can you believe that six months after this election, people still didn’t know what misogyny means? I asked in reply. A smile barely flickered around Clinton’s lips before she deadpanned: “Why, yes. I guess I can believe that.”


This is fringe-y but I grew up with the Cold War; it’s easy to accept that Russia is still seeking world domination. Putin’s playbook for discrediting America and destabilizing the West.

Speaking of: