Maybe I should call it, “Is This Really Happening? Wednesday,” because I can’t believe that in the last week Trump not only said, after five years arguing Obama wasn’t born in the US, that he was indeed born here and Trump was the one to prove it–and that the Clinton campaign started the rumor in the first place.

I can’t even.

As the WaPo says:

…it is hard to seriously argue that a man who would lead a racist conspiracy  theory and then try to blame his opponent is fit to be president. Drumpf, like a small child caught misbehaving, simply denies the evidence or blames someone else or lashes out in anger. (He also this weekend called former defense secretary Robert Gates a “clown” in response to Gates’s well-reasoned argument that Drumpf is unfit to serve as commander in chief.) Again and again he’s proven his views so extreme (e.g., rounding up 11 million people), his judgement so egregious (e.g., embracing Vladimir Putin) and his character so twisted that only someone in deep denial or blinded by partisanship could defend him and insist he is worthy of the office.

YET PEOPLE ARE. Jesus. The debate Monday night is going to be something…