I heard a James McMurtry song Sunday on KRCL that just hit me–I had known of his name before but hadn’t really heard any of his songs. It’s called “Hurricane Party” and the refrain is “There’s no one to talk to when the lines go down,” plus it talks about “one great love.” Thoughtful, lonely lyrics! Clever guitar! I was hooked. Have a listen:

Although I learned he plays a club in Austin most Wednesdays and I briefly planned an Imaginary Trip, complete with Imaginary Cute Outfits I’d Sew, I think he may a little too close to a hippy to be a true Imaginary Boyfriend. (A couple of years ago I took a vow: No more hippies, EVER.)* But he can be my Imaginary World-Weary-and-Older-Let’s-Have-Some-Bourbon-and-Compare-Scars Friend.

*The way he sings “The Lights of Cheyenne” kind of makes me want to recant that vow. But I hold firm! Because I value steady jobs and shampoo!