I’ve decided to buy a bike. But after realizing I really, really disliked mountain biking, I haven’t been on a bike in ten years. While this may make my decision sound like a recipe for disaster, I’m remembering how much I liked just riding around (on pavement) in my teens. I’m also remembering how expensive gas is and how many hours every day I do nothing but sit. Plus, I live about a mile and a half from work and my car is not getting any younger.*

Another thing that helped convince me that I will LOVE riding a bike: the Internet. Did you know there are whole blogs dedicated to cycling stylishly? Blogs that advocate wearing dresses to keep cool and vintage capes to keep warm? Here are a few that helped me decide:

Copenhagen Cycle Chic
London Cycle Chic
Riding Pretty

I’ll start looking at bikes (pretty!) next week. I’m undecided about wearing a helmet, but the Internet has told me that there are even pretty-ish options for those, too–they look a little like a riding helmet, turning my bike into my pony…

I think I’ll like cycling.

*I do plan to actually ride a bike or two before I buy one myself, just to make sure I won’t hate it. It’s one thing to “cycle pretty” and another thing to spend $400 on an accessory you won’t use.