Toby will be three in less than a month, so in cat years that means he’s anywhere from 18 to 28 (the internet has no clear answer on this). It also means that he’s suddenly decided he wants to go OUTSIDE.

He’s been an inside cat here for two years and his foster mom said that he had been inside before that, but he caught the call of the wild last Monday and started charging out the door whenever I opened it. In an effort to control the situation a little, I started putting a collar on him and letting him out for short bursts. He LOVES it.

[No picture because I am terrified of leaving him unsupervised for even 30 seconds.]

I am all kinds of conflicted–I always planned on letting him out (with supervision) when I had a yard with a secure fence, but the apartment is open in front and back to cars and other yards and more scary things. He’s being really good about staying close, but I think this tiny taste of freedom is going to go to his head. But I don’t think there’s any going back now….