I found a couple of music-related links yesterday, so let’s make it Music Thursday:
1. There’s a new recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations out, recorded under a Creative Commons license–which means you can download everything for free (including the score), or just listen online at opengoldbergvariations.org.
2. I  read about Nick Waterhouse in my round of blogs, and listened to nothing else for the rest of the workday (sorry, Bach).  He’s a young kid who’s found a horn section and is doing his best to channel 50’s and 60’s R&B, down to recording and editing everything on analog and overdriving the mics. I know it sounds like it could be hipster-ironic, but it’s just really great music–plus, his blog has so many clips of forgotten 45s.
Here’s the “official” video  from his first album, Time’s All Gone, but you can find more of him on YouTube or Spotify.