Internet, look! I finally have an adult-sized desk!
The saga of the desk began months ago, when I decided it was time to retire what I’d been using since I was ten. Then came the deciding what to buy, then came the deciding if I should just wait until I get a house and have something new delivered there, and then I saw a project that involved decoupaging filing cabinets, and everything clicked.

My parents had two filing cabinets in storage and my handy father offered to make a desktop (since the options from IKEA were the wrong size). So for the cost of paint, Japanese paper, and some shelving–plus a week of free labor from my dad–I have a new desk!
We (I use “we” loosely) decided to use spray adhesive instead of Mod Podge, and it worked out great. I’m glad I went with a subtle pattern, since there’s already a lot of pattern in the room.

And LOOK–there are no visible cords. My dad rigged up a brilliant system for mounting the power strip on the back support.
I love the desk (Toby does too!). Thanks, Dad!