I went over to my new house this weekend and let myself in to check it out. In all the confusion of which model to get, I had only visited “mine” once and was having a hard time visualizing the layout–and after dealing with an awful mortgage broker last week, I wasn’t 100% convinced I needed to buy it at all, if it was going to be that difficult.

Well, I like my house. (And I’d better, because the construction deposit check has cleared.) There were birds in the trees outside and space for a garden and it was so! fancy! inside! Plus, it wasn’t drafty. Incredible!

Here is the kitchen half of the main floor. I think the kitchen goes in this week, which means I can finally get that sink out of my car.

And here’s looking down from the second floor (Toby is going to love these stairs.)

There’s even a real entryway, with an actual coat closet!

So in dealing with brokers this week, I just have to remember that it will be worth it. And that there’s no going back now.