Instead of talking about our feelings today, let’s talk about brown shoes that aren’t too high-heeled. After watching Help! Thursday night, I did some major googling to find a pair of boots like they were wearing in that clip I posted Friday. While all the ankle boots for women this season seem stuck in 1986, I found some: They’re Florsheim, for men.

Sometimes I am happy to not have tiny ladylike feet, because a men’s size 7 is a women’s size 9. My only hesitation? A size 7 isn’t available from a site that offers free shipping and returns, so I’d be gambling a little that they’d work.

What do we think about these mod boots? They’d look great with jeans, but not so much with skirts or dresses. But they’re a decent price (unlike these $350 boots of magic from Sweden) and I had a pair of jodhpur boots in college that I loved. Also, I could pretend I was a Beatle.