In the almost 10 years of this blog, I’ve only talked about makeup a few times and only recommended one product (which I still love). But the trip to the Nordstrom beauty counters a couple weeks ago yielded some really great products, so let me share.

I think because I didn’t wear makeup for so long, any dark shadow on my eyes just reads as “wrong” to me–like that’s not how I really look. But if you’re wearing a full face of makeup, you need something on your eyelids or you just look like you forgot that part. Enter NARS Eye Paint in Porto Venere:


It really brightens more than adds any color, but it just makes me look “finished.” It’s buildable, not too sparkly, and a really lovely light gel texture–not cakey or hard like other cream shadows I’ve tried.

And for eyebrows, again, if they’re too painted on I just don’t think I look like myself. But again, they need  something. I’d been filling them in a bit with pencil and then putting on clear gel, which seemed like a step too many. Plus the gel I was using (Anastasia Beverly Hills) was super “crunchy” and hard to apply. Enter Bobbi Brown Natural BrowShaper and Hair Touch Up:


It fills in everything perfectly and just makes you look well groomed. It’s easy to apply (just use a light hand),  doesn’t dry too crunchy, and doesn’t flake off during the day. I do recommend finding your color match in person but hey–that’s what Nordstrom beauty counters are for. (Sephora doesn’t have the full color range.)

So there you go. Beauty is just a purchase away!