Mom’s illness pushed a lot of the shitshow that politics continue to be out of my head, but let’s get our blood boiling again! “Joe Biden Isn’t the Answer” is a long and damning piece by Rebecca Traister about Joe’s appeal to white guys, his policies, and the creepy af way he touches women.

The gross physical familiarity and disrespect radiated toward [Lucy Flores] by a man in her field, in a public space, treating her body as if it was his to smell and squeeze and kiss, is classically, casually—even while non-cataclysmically—symptomatic of the daily, easy belief that men can treat women’s bodies as accessible, without regard to the comfort or desires of the women in question. It is also further evidence that Anita Hill’s testimony—grounded as it was in the notion that unwanted, inappropriate verbal and physical contact is unacceptable in a professional context—left no impression on him. Here’s the truth: If Joe Biden had ever done two minutes of actual thinking about the harm he’d helped to inflict on Hill, on women, and on the nation in handling of those hearings, he wouldn’t still be doing this kind of thing.


(For anyone who would argue that Joe’s behavior “isn’t as bad” as our current President’s, may I put forth this radical idea: What if we elected someone with NO history of touching people inappropriately? They are out there! They exist!)