Guys, I have some news I haven’t told you: This is my last day on the job as an “in house” copywriter for the craft company. Starting Tuesday, I’m headed back downtown and back to writing at an ad agency.

I hinted at it in January, but it’d been more difficult than I thought it would be to adjust to only writing for one “client” all the time. I also missed the city I’d worked in for nearly a decade–Salt Lake isn’t a major urban center, but it’s as urban as Utah gets and has some really wonderful alleys and restaurants and poems in public parks. Not being in it every day was hard for me.

The last 19 months in house taught me a lot–I did  more consumer-facing stuff and I got to experience a retail product launch–but I think my heart is with the agency world. If only because then I can call Peggy Olson my spirit animal:

1:24 and 1:53 FOR THE WIN, Peggy.