We went back up north in search of tundra swans on Sunday. When we first visited the bird refuge we read about the spring and fall migration of the swans and how they stop over in huge numbers. Then we saw this article about swan season being a little early this year, so we hightailed it up there.

Our first stop was Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area as listed in the news article, which had a decent amount of swans (and I’m pretty sure we saw a bald eagle, too!). The swans make a cool noise somewhere between a goose and a loon. IMG_5965


We felt that we could see MOAR SWANS so hit the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge on the way back tothe city. My iPhone lacks any good zoom so you’ll have to take my word that there were thousands of them.



And the setting wasn’t too bad, either:

I said it the last time I visited the refuge and I’ll say it again: If you’re in the Salt Lake area, get yourself up there and see some nature. Safe journey, swans.