As I mentioned last Friday, I’ve been struggling with getting enough sleep. Once I make it to bed, I can sleep pretty well, but stopping whatever I’m doing and getting there has been a challenge. It’s been so bad that I got home from work one day last week and fell asleep on the floor while petting Toby. (He meowed in my ear to get me up again.)

So Monday I ended up in bed at 10:30 and got 8 hours of sleep and oh. my. god. you guys. Turns out that all those sleep studies are right and that if you get enough sleep it’s not a struggle to make it through the day and you have good ideas and you’re a happy person! I’ve been asleep by 11:30 all week. I feel like a sorcerer for figuring this out.

Toby says, “Well, of course, Mama. I could have told you that sleep is good.” IMG_3655