Back at the beginning of 2018 I made some undies for myself and was (rightly) very excited about them. I never talked about it here, but by February of 2018 I had a business license, a Big Cartel account, and an idea to make undies for sale.

Then, of course, Mom got sick, I stalled out a little on getting my tester pairs made, and before I knew it a year had passed. Then Mom passed, and we had to figure out how to go on without her–but I renewed my business license anyway and finally, in the last couple of months, I’ve put the site together.

They’re something I’m calling “Open Source Undies” (since I didn’t draft the pattern or design the fabrics) and honestly, I’ve never had as much fun writing anything as I did writing the product descriptions for these.

I’m not sure the business will go anywhere but it feels really good to finally have this out in the world. Check it out! Hold On To Your Butts: Handmade Undies