Sunday is the Winter Solstice in this hemisphere–the shortest day and longest night of the year. This last week I’ve just wanted to hibernate, so I’m going to use this hippie thought to justfiy it:

The Holiday of the Winter Solstice celebrates the presence of Spirit and the power of faith and hope that our visions of the future will come into manifestation…Winter Soltice is not about having the light. It is about carrying hope and moving toward a vision that we will work to make a reality.

We must wait in the darkness of Midwinter, and this is not easy for most of us who are not comfortable with the dark, silence, resting and dreaming. Under the ground the earth silently sleeps. Seeds rest in suspended animation, and the animals hibernate. In contrast, we humans rush frantically to the malls, stressing ourselves with activity when we really need to rest, dream and gather strength in our bodies for the coming season of renewal.